Eron tours ltd was established in 1971 as a transportation solutions company.

The company has a fleet of 70 vehicles of any kind 
Including: 55 Seats bus, 35 Seats Bus, 20 Seats Bus and 14 seats bus.

The company provides services all over the country and has a high reputation in transportations. 
The Company holds seniority over 45 years, which puts emphasis on quality service at the highest level. 
The company owns a garage licensed buses and two safety officers and skilled drivers course graduates.

All these ensure the safety of passengers.

Government agencies such as the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education, academic educational institutions of higher education such as Technion, industrial bodies such as deshanim Chemical substances , tnuva factory, And health centers such as the Rambam and Carmel Constitute a small but important part of our customers

Of all the luxurious bus fleet of the company, you can rent the services of the green bus, This is an elegant and luxurious bus that has been customized specifically for the benefit of the players of the international soccer team maccabi haifa fc

The company is a partner in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry also actively involved in the organization of transportation in Israel. 
Our company renews and refreshes the bus fleet each year for the benefit of our customers.

Offices of the Company existing staff and dedicated veteran who manages the work schedule buses. 
Management is conducted in a professional and dynamic way, by the rules of the Ministry of Transport. 
Also for the benefit of our clients we have established a website accessible and easy to use.

We will continue to serve you faithfully.


Gil aharon

Vp. Eron tours ltd